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ACCOM Quality Accommodation is a foundation of every successful hospitality program! It will serve as home away from home for your guests and an anchor for your event. Throughout our careers we have sourced and managed accommodation in myriad of properties, from hotels and private residencies, to cruise ships, and we will be happy to assist you with this important part of your program.

Our Accommodation services in the planning phase include: property/room type inspection, selection and sourcing; rate and service negotiation; function space procurement; room allocation and assignments; creation of accommodations operations resume with detailed program relevant instructions for various departments (front office, guest services, housekeeping, security, meeting & conference, F&B)...

On site we will manage the overall Accommodation operations and supervise property staff to ensure that everything is implemented as agreed including: check-in/out; billing, rooming lists, housekeeping, hotel access/security, room upgrades/exchanges; luggage deliveries; function space setup; F&B functions...