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Additional Services

In addition to our core services described previously, we also provide services and consulting on a wide range of subjects including:

Strategy Development

Event management and hospitality should be the culmination of a strategic marketing vision that encapsulates your business objectives and we can help you develop the core strategy for planning and delivering a successful event, and integrate it with your organizations’ strategy. We will assist you in answering five key “Purpose & Objective” questions surrounding the organization (or participation in) any major event: WHY, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and HOW MUCH. Furthermore, we can help you identify the platform and set measurable objectives. Finally we can collect attendee feedback and program evaluations on your behalf, and assist in creating ROI measurement.

Sales & Marketing

Here we can help you answer the question “WHO”, and will assist you in developing your sales and marketing plan for internal & external buy-ins. If required, we will assign experienced account managers that can communicate with your invited clients/customers. Furthermore, we can help you develop employee appreciation programs, consumer programs, or any other custom program that will strengthen relationship with your customers and employees.


Integrating your existing brand into the event environment is a cost effective way to align your guests with your strategy and brand. It is important to establish the branded image that is recognized by your guests from their first exposure to the program via the initial invitation, right through the post-event survey. We can assist to bring these visual elements to program collaterals such as: printed or electronic invitations, registration site, gifting and merchandise, event signage, vehicle wraps…).

Gifting & Merchandise

Should you decide to provide your guests with gifts or merchandise, we will collaborate with you to develop your gifting and merchandise program. We can liaise with your merchandising partner, or recommend an experienced one that we have worked with before, to determine your apparel and gift requirements. Lastly, we can assist with procurement of items (clothing, pins, and collectables) including item/vendor selection, rate negotiations, ordering, payments, sizing, design implementation, and fulfilment.

Hospitality Lounges

You may want to develop exclusive hospitality suite (in the hotel or at other locations) that will allow you to have private space in which you can entertain and spend time with your most important internal and external stakeholders and guests. We can assist with venue selection, floor plan design, and by sourcing network of vendors to bring in furniture, AV elements, equipment, and design specific décor. Furthermore, we can manage all food & beverage operations within this space, as well access control, registration desk, security and provide on-site management of daily operation.

Conferences & Lectures

The core of your event may be a conference, a lecture, or a board meeting, rather than a mega sporting event. Once again we can assist with venue selection, floor plan design, and source various vendors needed to execute this event. Furthermore, we can assist with recruitment of speakers and logistics surrounding their participation. Lastly, on site we can manage the space, services, daily operations and overall flow.

Incentive Programs & Meetings

We can guide you in creating exciting incentive programs & meetings to either supplement your core program, or be the core in itself. In addition to the main program components, we can organize any additional strategic or operational components to accomplish it. As with all of our services, we will manage these programs on site to ensure their successful execution.

Information Technology

As described in the Program Management section of our core services, we include utilization of our EMEsoft system for the management of your event including guest invites and registration. However, if you require us to utilize your own in-house system, or another one from your preferred vendor, we will work with you to adapt and integrate accordingly. Furthermore, we can assist with the development, design and management of any customized event management website, database management system, or email campaign.


While we are not a security company and do not directly provide this type of service and resource, we can advise you (or your own internal or external security) on any event specific requirements. Additionally, should you have a need to engage a security company for your event, we can provide recommendations and coordinate any details thereafter.


In case you are seeking (or already have in place) a sponsorship or a marketing relationship with the actual event, we can assist with: asset negotiations, activations, assets utilizations, marks & rights approvals, and account servicing.


If your event sponsorship includes any type of personal accreditations for VIPs/staff, or special permits/passes (including vehicles), we can advise on quotas, access types, rules and regulations, and manage this process for you on-site.

Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

If you have a need to write and execute any RFP for any goods or services during your event, we will be happy to assist you develop it. Furthermore, we can manage the entire RFP process if you so require.

VIP Arrivals & Departures

Should your program require it, we can arrange VIP services at most major airports globally to facilitate quick and convenient process for your most valuable guests. This can include meet & greet at the jetway or tarmac, expedited passport control, and assistance with luggage collection and custom clearance.