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Leisure Activities

LEISURE In addition to your guests’ core event activities (sporting events, conference…), you may want to enhance their experience by offering (or including) Leisure Activities that can range from sightseeing and theater, to shopping and golf. We can incorporate a variety of entertainment and educational components that would enrich the overall guest experience by showcasing the local culture and various places of interest.

In the planning phase we will research all feasible choices in accordance to your direction that could include sightseeing tours, cultural events, shopping, sporting activities, entertainment, and any other special events, and will provide our suggestion. Once confirmed, we will: finalize selection; vet and select the vendors; negotiate the best rates, payment terms, cancellation policy, upgrades, and services; book and coordinate all the payments...

Our on-site our Leisure Activities management includes: collection, verification, and guest distribution of any tickets or passes; coordination of any upgrades, exchanges or additional needs; advancement of all organized group activities; coordination of all service details including food & beverage, dietary restrictions, physical setup, and entrainment; coordination of all guests arrivals, registration, and departures from the activities; review of accounting and any additional expenditures.