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On-Site Ops & Logistics

LOGICS With any event there are multitudes of logistical and operational considerations that come into play that are critical for the overall execution and success of the program. These can include anything, from on-site operational offices to photography services.

We will carefully review the scope of your event and identify any items that may apply including: on-site offices, furniture, equipment and supplies; event telecommunication devices; event signage; photography and videography; special décor and floral; audio-visual equipment; shipping; travel visa assistance... Next we will proceed to source selected items with best vendors at negotiated rates and coordinate all the payments on your behalf.

During the event, the management of these various logistical parts include: coordination of delivery, inspection, installation, and collection of any furniture, equipment, floral, AV, and signage; management of on-site office daily operations; supervision of setup and dismantle of any special décor; collection, programming verification, distribution and collection of all telecommunication devices (staff and guests); supervision and coordination of any photography and videography services...