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Program Management

MANAGEMENT At the very heart of any successful event is detailed strategic analysis with seamless Program Management! Our highly experienced management team considers every element of your hospitality and logistics operations during the planning and execution of your event. From program conception and development to the management of accommodation, food and beverage, transportation, leisure activities and staffing, every part is planned and executed with meticulous detail.

Our Program Management services in the planning phase include: detailed strategic analysis of planned event; dedicated project management team; program architecture; timeline development and maintenance; detailed budget with risk assessment; itinerary development; planning coordination; site-inspections; program collateral; guest communication; event registration...

During the event, experienced and professional on-site management team is critical to ensure that your guests feel welcomed and are well looked-after. EME has a database of highly qualified and experienced on-site operators that can be allocated to the various projects at any given time and in any given place. On-site Program Management services include: constant and clear communication with guests; management of all event staff; coordination of arrivals, departures, and guest movements throughout the program; management of program budget, additional expenditures, and post program reconciliation; coordination of all entertainment and leisure activities; implementation, management, monitoring and troubleshooting of program in process...

An integral part of our Program Management is our comprehensive event management system “EMEsoft”. It is a web-based, real-time, secure, easy to use system that, allows us to:

  • Create customized guest registration sites
  • Securely manage all guest data
  • Manage accommodations, F&B, transportation, staff, event tickets, gifting, air and guest registration - all in one location
  • Increase operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Review and report over multi-event, multi-year programs
  • Optimize all of our internal delivery processes by leveraging best practice
  • Ensure a single access point for all information
  • Customize reports from anywhere, anytime
  • Track program financials
  • Provide clients with easy access to reports

Program Management